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The Champagne Universe Series Book 1

It is not often that one can say with absolute certainty that the world had irreversibly changed.

John stared at the wall clock as he watched the seconds tic slowly by enthralled by this new reality. Clamoring for attention in his peripheral vision, the computer screen flashed those fateful words ‘Simulation Successful!’ in large green letters.
John scrunched his eyes shut, taking a deep breath before he groaned from pain in his lower back. The last round of tests were particularly gruesome. His head pounded from long hours of sustained concentration and copious amounts of caffeine. John rubbed the fragile skin under his thickset glasses that burrowed into the bridge of his nose. Opening his eyes, his pain momentarily forgotten, he stared at the computer screen and knew that when others discovered this new reality, they would stop at nothing to control it.

Kindle ISBN 978-0-9945412-0-8
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9945412-1-5   

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