Latest Sci-Fi Thiller by A.K. Brown

  1. Burning Stars: Book 4 Champagne Universe Series
    John Stevenson and his team are faced with a new dilemma, finding a friendly species to trade with that won't outright try to kill them. Fractures within the team are set to blow when a long lost relative explodes into their lives shaking the team to the core. John, still reeling from the last battle, struggles to come to grips with the moral consequences of his dubious decision to allow Pete’s brain to be eaten in a radical lizard experiment. Added to the violent anti-alien sentiment growing on Earth, John has to find a way to get his new 22,000 Lizard captives away safely or be doubled dammed for crimes against an intelligent species. Burning stars traces the exploits of John Stevenson and his team as they try to establish the first Human -Alien trading dialogue. But things go horribly wrong.